Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nua Scoil

Dia duit agus fáilte a chur roimh mo bhlag! Yesterday morning, Daid told me that the Southern MTTB is trying something new. This September, it's going to allow all of the children that use the Southern MTTB when time traveling to the present to receive a good education (like Kaya and Josefina, for example) to attend school at the Time Traveling Base. Daid says that that way, Kaya, Josefina, and future time traveling kids won't have to worry about fitting in with modern children, and can learn at their own pace.

At first I was devastated! "Ach ansin ní bheidh mé a fháil chun a fheiceáil Kaya agus Josefina an oiread!" I wailed. There's no way I'm going to let anyone prevent me from seeing them. Well, maybe I wouldn't mind not seeing Kaya as much...but Josefina is the nicest person I know!

" bíodh imní ort, Saoirse," Daid interrupted. "Ós rud é mé ag obair ag an TTB, aon cheann de mo leanaí i idir aois 8 agus 18 a cheadaítear a bheith i láthair."

It took a moment for this to sink in. Since he works at the TTB, any of his children in between the ages of 8 and 18 are allowed to attend...

I jumped off the couch. "Tá mé idir aois 8 agus 18!" I screeched stupidly.

Since it was Monday, I threw on my roller skates and raced over to the Southern MTTB. Kaya and Josefina were waiting at the door.

"What took you so long?" Kaya grumbled.

I ignored her. "Guess what?" I gasped, out of breath from skating my way over here. If I timed myself, I bet I would've beat some kind of record!

Neither of them said anything in return (they clearly don't understand the whole guessing part of "Guess what") so I continued on my own. "Daid just told me that the three of us don't have to go to public school anymore--"

"YES! SCHOOL SUCKS!" Kaya cheered, cutting me off.

I rolled my eyes. "Let me finish! Instead of public school, we'll be attending school at the TTB. We don't have to worry about classmates finding out about your secret anymore!"

"I'd rather have no school." Kaya sighed. Despite her disappointment, a glowing smile was painted across Josefina's face.

"Think about it, Kaya! We don't have to wear modern clothes at school anymore! And who knows, maybe we'll meet other kids who time travel. Maybe one of them will know where your tribe is!"

Kaya's eyes brightened at the mention of her family. "Ok, maybe this isn't completely awful. It's way better than going to a public school like last year..."

"See, Kaya?" I exclaimed. "Now I can't wait to start school! Maybe I'll meet someone from the 80s, or the 50s! I'd love to see someone walk in the classroom in one of those poodle skirts!"

Sin uile do anois!



  1. Dea-lá, Saoirse!

    Today was my first day of school in the States, and I loved it! My school is a mix of time-travelers and modern kids, but we're not allowed to ask who's a time-traveler, and if we are one, we're not allowed to tell anyone else. Of course, this rule has been broken dozens time, and I've met a girl from 1918, and she's still confused about how to use a computer...


    1. Dia duit, Breá!

      That's awesome! My school doesn't start until September 4th--here in Maine, we don't end school until mid or late June!

      I can't even imagine how hard teacher Kaya or Josefina how to use a computer would be. Josefina is really patient, but Kaya would be a nightmare!