Sunday, February 3, 2013

Local Puppy Bowl!

Dia duit! Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! Not only was it Super Bowl Sunday for me, but Puppy Bowl Sunday! I've watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet for the past few years, but it wasn't until this year that I'd actually experienced one before!
A few weeks ago, I came up with the idea to have a local Puppy Bowl. It would include puppies from the local animal shelter, and you could enter your own dog for $20. All entrance money and donations would go directly to the animal shelter!
At first, we had planned on having the Puppy Bowl inside. But just a few days ago it rained, which melted all the snow. So we got to have it outside!
I even entered Coconut! He isn't a puppy anymore, but he's definitely small enough to pass as one! ;)
 Tons of people brought their puppies to come and participate! And a few of them were shelter dogs!
After we got all of the puppies to line up (it took 20 minutes of extreme focus and a few treats), we started the Puppy Bowl!
Immediately after we started, the husky ran for the nearest toy. He had quite a few dogs not too far behind him, but he outran them all!
Once the husky grabbed the toy, some of the other dogs started gaining on him. But he wouldn't let them take it!
Meanwhile, the poodles fought over the only pink ball.
Everyone was so busy going after the husky and the pink ball that no one noticed when Coconut sauntered over to a nearby tennis ball.
"GO COCONUT!" I cheered as I waved my arms spastically.
My rapid movements and loud cheering caused the dogs to look up and see Coconut wiggling his way across the field. Everyone started chasing after him!
Well, everyone except for this guy...
By the time the dogs started chasing him, he was already across the field!
Suddenly, a 50-ft. dog appeared! He started eying Coconut as if he were his next meal!
The dog started growling...
...and howling.

I blinked my eyes a few times and he was gone! Must have just been my overactive imagination!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! Who are you rooting for?