Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Babysitting Disaster

I've FINALLY got my babysitting pictures up! Sorry for the wait!

When I first arrived, I was greeted by two five-year-olds taking turns on a bike. Nothing evil about that, right? That's what I thought, too. I didn't suspect five-year-old evil geniuses at all...

When they noticed me, the boy hopped off his bike and the girl ran over excitedly.
"Hi babysitter-lady!" The boy said. "I'm Zach, and this is my twin sister, Faye!"
"Hi!" Faye responded sweetly. "I'm Faye. What's your name?"

I sat down to be at their eye level, laughed in a not-suspicious-of-five-year-old-evil-geniuses-at-all kind of way, and introduced myself. "What do you two want to do?"

"Play on the playground!" They both yelled at the same time. The two "angels" *cough cough* evil geniuses *cough cough* jumped on their tricycle and raced away.

 Their "playground" was a huge wooden deathtrap with one plastic swing and an unbalanced slide. The whole thing was crawling with ants, and did not really scream "play" as much as "I'd rather eat dirt off the ground than play on that thing...".

"I want to go on the swing! Push me Saoirse!" Faye called while Zach headed for the slide.
"But," I complained, "it's so high!"

"Pleeeaaaase!" Faye whined. I sighed and gave in. I pulled her swing back, ran forward, and gave her the biggest underdog I could manage. She squealed with happiness until...

...she flew off the swing and hit the ground with a loud thump!

"Look what you did babysitter-lady! You killed her!" Cried a petrified Zach. He snapped out of his shock before I did, and ran over to try and wake up his "dead" sister.

I finally walked over, trying not to sound as freaked out as I really was. If it weren't for the rise and fall of her chest, I might have though she was dead, too! Her eyes were closed and her arms and legs were at odd and probably unconfortable angles. "She's not dead, just...fainted. She'll probably wake up in a few minutes. Let's sit and wait for a while, see if she opens her eyes."

After waiting for twenty minutes with no results, I gave in. "Zach, I think I'm going to have to call your mom." I sighed, knowing I would never get to babysit again.

"Wait! I think I hear her car!"

Suddenly, something bizarre happened. Zach started to smile, and Faye opened her eyes. Before I could react, they both started laughing histarically, and Faye sat up and exclaimed, "Fooled you!"
I couldn't believe it! Instead of yelling at them, telling them how worried I was and how disappointed I am like a bunch of my teachers do, I stormed off. When their mom saw me, I acted as though nothing happened, grabbed my pay rather rudely, and stomped home.

There is absolutely NO WAY I am ever babysitting those two again! Has anyone else had a similar experience, where they were tricked by, say, two five-year-old evil geniuses?



  1. That sounds like a disaster! I've never babysat anyone before and I've always thought it sounded fun - but not anymore! I hope the next kids you babysit aren't evil geniuses!

    - Charlotte :)

  2. My goodness! That sounds terrible! I haven't had any experiences like that before...and after hearing this, I don't think I'll ever try babysitting! Was this your first time babysitting anyone?

  3. Yes, actually. But the 5 year olds live next door! It's horrible!