Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet My Friends!

My friends have been begging me to introduce them, so here they are!

This is Josefina. She was really shy when I first met her, but became super friendly when I got to know her. She's one of the nicest and happiest people I know!  She's Mexican, so her first language is Spanish. Her family lives on a rancho, or ranch, and she even owns a goat named Sombrita!

This is Kaya. She's a member of the Nimiipuu, or Nez Perce tribe, and is even fluent in its language! She may look quiet, but Kaya is super outgoing, stubborn, and brave! She has a really pretty horse named Steps High, a foal named Sparks Flying, and a dog called Tatlo.

I'll let you in on a secret: Kaya and Josefina are time travelers! Josefina spends most of her time in 1824, and Kaya used to live in 1764, but has lived with Josefina ever since about a year ago when she lost her tribe. They time travel to the present to go to school, and visit me!

In other news, I got my first baby sitting job! I start work next weekend. I'm not sure whether I should be excited or nervous! Have you ever had a job before?

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