Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome, Caroline!

Dia duit gach duine! Welcome to my blog! Last week, I was pleasantly surprised when standing in the Southern MTTB's lobby was a girl I'd never seen before.

She looked about my age, but definitely wasn't from the present. I vaguely remembered Josefina mentioned that we may be getting a new girl from the 1800s on our first day of school. Is this her?

I decided to take a chance and greet her. "Dia duit! I'm Saoirse. Are you here for the Southern MTTB School for Higher Learning?" I made sure to say the school's whole name so I would sound smart and professional. 

"Yes, I am a new student. My name is Caroline. Are you from the current year?" She said with an accent that sounded slightly English, but that I couldn't quite place.

"Yep! Where are you from? How did you find out about time travel?"

"I come from Sackets Harbor in the year 1812. My papa is a ship builder, and I would love to be the captain of a ship someday! At the moment, my country is plagued with a war against the British. My parents were worried about my safety, and were searching for a safe place I could go to during the day, at least until the war ends. When a man approached them and mentioned education and safety through time travel, they were both amazed and horrified! At first, they refused to allow their 10-year-old daughter anywhere near such magic! But, when Sackets Harbor was attacked, the strange man finally won them over. And, well, here I am!"

I thought it was amazing how positively fearless Caroline seemed even though she had just time traveled for the first time, and was surrounded by things she had likely never thought possible! I can't wait to hear more about her life in 1812!

In other news, it's almost Christmas! My family invited Kaya, Caroline, and Josefina to come have Christmas dinner with us! Kaya doesn't celebrate Christmas, but she'll go to anything that has free food! 

~ Saoirse


  1. It's so exciting that there's a new girl at your school! She looks really nice. You could learn so much about her time! I hope you two become friends!

    I hope you, Kaya, Caroline, and Josefina have a very merry Christmas!

    1. Dia duit, Dani!

      I really hope I might get to visit 1812 with her some day. That would be awesome!

      I hope you, Laughing Spirit, Molly, Emily, Lilly, Stephanie, Nicki, and Kaely have a great Christmas too!

      ~ Saoirse

  2. Salut, Saoirse!
    I bet you're excited to have a new girl. She is super pretty. I love her eye color and curls.

    1. Dia duit, Sabine!

      I love her curls too! I've always wanted curly hair, but I'm stuck with boring straight hair. Oh well, at least it's easy to take care of.

      ~ Saoirse