Thursday, December 27, 2012

Julie's First Snow

Dia duit! Welcome to my blog! Today it snowed so much that it stuck to the ground, and still hasn't stopped. Before I could run outside and test my brand new coat and boots, Daid told me I should head over to the Southern MTTB. Apparently, Julie will be staying there as a boarder. I reluctantly agreed to help her go unpack.
I walked in to see Julie throwing clothes onto every free bit of floor space. It was so messy I had to walk on my tiptoes to keep from stepping on something!
I picked up one of her shirts and attempted to make a somewhat neat pile as I explained why I was there. The first thing I noticed was a pair of roller skates similar to mine. "You roller skate, too?" I asked.
"Yeah, I also love to ride my bike, but that's back in California." Julie responded briefly.
We stood there in an awkward silence until I managed to say, "I'm so glad it's snowing! Have you been outside yet?"
Julie looked at the floor uncomfortably. "No...and I don't really want to. We don't get snow in California. I don't even have a winter coat."
"YOU'VE NEVER SEEN SNOW?!" I exclaimed, dropping the shirt onto the floor. I grabbed Julie's hand and practically dragged her out the door. "WE CAN'T STAY IN HERE A MINUTE LONGER! I'LL EXPLODE INTO A BAJILLION PIECES IF YOU DON'T SEE THE SNOW THIS INSTANT."
After throwing on my coat and boots, I closed my eyes and fell backwards into the snow, letting my body slowly sink into it. I motioned for Julie to do the same, but she just stood in the doorway biting her fingernails.
"This is how you make a snow angel. See?" I shouted above the wind as I moved my arms up and down.
Julie walked in a little ways and then just sat down in the middle of the field behind the Southern MTTB. I could see her shivering but she didn't complain (for once).
Instead of playing or doing something FUN, Julie just sat there and felt the snow, like it was the weirdest thing she had ever seen. She squished it between her bare hands, drew hearts and faces in it, and tried to catch snowflakes on her fingertips. I'd grown up with snow my entire life. It was strange, watching someone touch snow for the first time.
"Why don't we do something? Like make a snowman or have a snowball fight?" I called.

Julie stood up and brushed the snow off her jeans. "YOU may have a coat and boots, but I don't. I'm freezing. I'm going inside."

I called after her to wait but she ignored me. I heard her slam the door behind her when she made it back to the Base.

I just stood there, feeling small and alone in the quiet field of snow. Julie wasn't in a bad mood at all. Why did she suddenly get so angry over nothing? The only explanation I could think of was that she's homesick, but that doesn't give her an excuse to treat me like I don't exist.

I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

~ Saoirse

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