Monday, June 18, 2012

A Visit with Dani and Friends!

Dé Luain Shona! I had an awesome weekend! Josefina, Kaya and I used the time machine that is stationed near Josefina's house to visit the MTTB (Maine Time Travel Base) and my blogging friend Dani for the first time (you can read her blog at Kaya and Josefina were reunited with girls they have known through time travel for years: Molly McIntire, Emily Bennett, Laughing Spirit, and Nicki Flemming. I met Lilly Hyde, a girl who I talked with during my six hour bus ride from New York to Maine, for the second time. Come to find out she's actually from the 90s!

I was a little nervous meeting Dani face-to-face for the first time, but she was really nice. She introduced me to her three dogs Saturn, Argos, and Munich, and they quickly became friends with my dog Coconut. Here they all are, along with me and Dani:

That night we watched a dÚsachtach movie called "Thomas and the Magic Railroad". I was very confused throughout the whole thing, but thankfully Dani was there to guide me through it!

I was sad to leave the next morning, but at least now I know she's only a few button-pushes away! We had Lilly take one more picture as I was getting ready to leave:

Have you ever visited a friend who lives far away?


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  1. I'm so glad I got to meet you! You're really cool! :) Thanks for visiting us; I hope we meet again soon!