Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rooftop Discovery

Dia duit! Welcome to my blog, and happy March! Yesterday, as my class was getting ready for recess, Kaya pulled me aside.
She didn't speak until all the other girls were outside, and even then whispered. "Ok, so I've been thinking...haven't you always wondered what the stairs at the end of each hallway lead to?"

I raised my eyebrows. "Um, not really." I answered, giving her a suspicious look.

Kaya rolled her eyes. "Well, I have. And you're lucky enough to aid me in my expedition." She marched out of the classroom door. "LET'S GO!" She called over her shoulder.

Reluctantly, I followed her up the stairs. I honestly didn't see the point in this. If there was anything up there the Southern MTTB didn't want us to see, they'd have it under tight security. They know better than to leave something valuable where curious little girls can get to it.

Much to Kaya's disappointment, the only thing at the end of the staircase was a large, high-up window. She motioned for me to stand near the edge. "Come on! Give me a boost up!"

"Kaya, this really isn't a good idea-" I started before she started climbing onto my shoulders. Good thing she was wearing moccasins, or that really would have hurt!

"KAYA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! GET. DOWN!" I shouted until a heel in the eye shut me up.

"No one can know we're here, remember?" Kaya scolded. After a few more seconds of frantic climbing, Kaya finally made it out the window.

I waited, expecting to hear screaming and the sound of Kaya landing in a snowbank, but instead I heard footsteps. "You have to get up here!" Kaya called over the sound of the wind. "I'm on the roof!"

With minimal help from Kaya, I finally got myself up and out the window.

Immediately after setting foot on the roof, I sat down. I'm not nearly as brave as Kaya is. "This is so cool!" I squealed. "We have to tell everyone! We can have secret meetings and eat lunch up here and everything!" Mr. Linch never seems to care where we are during lunch or recess, as long as we get into class on time.

Kaya, who was slowly making her way towards the edge, shook her head. "For now, let's keep it a secret. Just for now."

Just as Kaya was getting too close to the edge for comfort, I looked down to see Josefina, Caroline, and Julie making their way inside. Recess was over.

I can already tell that this roof is going to become a big part of my time at the Southern MTTB. It's going to be hard to keep it a secret! I can't wait until we can tell everyone!



  1. Hi Saoirse!

    WOAH!!! THAT'S AWESOME! I wish the Midcoast MTTB had cool stuff like that, but the only things close to a rooftop hideaway are the deck and the attic, which aren't nearly as cool. I can tell this discovery is going to be tons of fun for you guys! Be careful, though! ^_^

    1. Dia duit, Dani!

      Well, you could probably have tons of fun on the deck and in the attic, too! I'll definitely be careful--Kaya may not be, though...

      ~ Saoirse