Monday, November 12, 2012

Spirit Week!

Dia duit! Hello, and welcome to my blog! This past week has been a lot of fun. It was Spirit Week! At our school, we celebrate Spirit Week by dressing up to match the theme of each day. Everyone dressed up--even Mr. Linch.

Since Monday was a teacher workshop day, we didn't have school, so Spirit Week didn't officially begin until Tuesday. Tuesday was the easiest of all the Spirit Days, because it was...

...Pajama Day! Pj day may have my favorite because I was so comfy all day!

Wednesday was probably the most interesting of all the Spirit Days. It was...

...Decade Day! Kaya, Josefina, and I decided that we'd dress up as each other's decades. When Kaya first suggested that I do the 1760s, I refused...until I put on her dress. It was surprisingly soft and super comfortable! I think Josefina was the most uncomfortable, because at lunch she mumbled, "These zapatos, I-I mean shoes, are kind of pinching my toes...not that I don't like them or anything! They're actually a really pretty shade of purple!" That's about as close as Josefina gets to complaining.

Thursday was the most fun day of Spirit Week (in my opinion), because on Thursday we got to...

...dress up in our favorite colors! I honestly doubt Kaya's favorite color is brown, but she told me that, "As of today it's a tie between brown and light blue, and after waltzing around in Josefina's clothes all day yesterday I would really prefer some deerskin." She really gets on my nerves a lot sometimes.

Our final day of Spirit Week was none other than...

..School Color Day! Our school colors are red, white, and blue. I thought that was totally unoriginal, but of course nobody listens to my brilliant ideas. I think pink and green is much more unique than the colors of America's national flag. Besides, nobody who currently goes to the school is even originally from America!

I thought Spirit Week was a lot of fun! And guess what else? It's almost Thanksgiving Break! My parents told me that this Thanksgiving Break we can go to Boston and check out a view historical places. On our way home, we're even going to stop at on of my favorite clothing stores and boutiques--the American Girl Place! Hopefully I'll get some pictures to post on my blog!



  1. Hi Saoirse!

    You guys are so lucky to have spirit week at your school! Zoe and I go to public school and we never get to do fun things like spirit week! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    Lucky you! I've never been to the American Girl Place and neither has Zoe, but I really want to some day! I've heard it's really cool!

    - Charlotte & Zoe :)

    1. Dia duit Charlotte & Zoe,

      It's too bad you don't get to have Spirit Week at your school! Maybe you and a few other kids could suggest it to the principle? Or maybe you could make a petition to try and get it!

      I've only been to an American Girl Place once. I went to the one in New York right before I moved to Maine. I hope you two get to go some day! They have more clothes than I could ever imagine--even costumes from different time periods!

      <3 Saoirse